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Aim & Objectives

1. Making collective efforts for brotherhood and peace in the society.

2. Child welfare, Child Rights / Labor, Youth welfare, Women’s welfare, including Employment / Income Generation.

3. Health, Nutrition, preventive health strategies, family planning and Population Welfare.

4. Welfare of the physically and mentally challenged individuals.

5. Recreational programs intended to keep people away from anti-social activities.

6. Welfare and rehabilitation of released prisoners.

7. Welfare of juvenile delinquents, of the socially handicapped, of the beggars and destitute, of the aged and infirm.

8. Welfare and rehabilitation of patients.

9. Training in social work, Capacity Building / Financing.

10. Co-ordination of and with other social welfare agencies.

11. Agriculture & Livestock.

12. Micro Enterprise Development.

13. Community Development, rural and urban, which shall include Water & Sanitation, and any other development programme for the welfare of the community.

14. Culture Art and Heritage.

15. Environmental Protection & Forestry.

16. Gender & Development, Humanitarian Relief.

17. Education for all including Social education, education of adults aimed at developing sense of civic responsibility.

18. Seeking to develop structures which enable the active involvement of people from disadvantaged groups, and in particular people from Minority Ethnic groups.

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