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Welcome to Olasyar - "People's Friend"

Olasyar – “People’s Friend”,was founded for the need to promote peace in the whole of Pakistan.


Messages from the Team :


"Our planet is changing, our climate is changing. There is a shift in the climate, and due to that climatic shift we’re getting these natural disasters. For every amount of damage to the earth, the recovery process is very slow. Damage recovery ratios are larger (and variable). It takes a moment to chop down a tree, but it takes years for it to grow back. Nature has a slow and persistent pace. We Humans, on the other hand, are doing mass destruction on this planet. Somebody has to heal the planet. 


- Sobia Nosheen (Chairperson)

"Be a healer! Save the Earth!"


-Noman Shafi Rana (General Secretary)

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